Why you shouldn’t stop brushing your teeth?


Mankind have touched the moon, eradicated a couple of diseases, invented duct tape but still find it difficult to get up in the morning to brush his teeth. Everyday we human have to perform this daunting task. But why? Can’t we just stop brushing our teeth What would happen then?woman_brushing_teeth_197966

Your girlfriend might slap you. That’s a sure possibility! But early caveman never brushed, and his girlfriend is okay with it. But our caveman wasn’t eating junk food by any roadside stall either. He wasn’t fond of coke and had teeth made of titanium. Okay the last one is wrong, but it would be awesome if he did. Our modern diet consists of lot of sugar. Unfortunately bacteria love sugar. At any point there are about 600 species of bacteria inhabiting your mouth. Yes it’s a zoo but don’t utter your mouth about this before kissing someone. Many of these bacteria are harmless and in fact some of these prevent harmful bacterial invasion. But, a substantial amount of mouth bacteria is for to do real damage. A big offender is plaque, a coating of bacterial film that feeds on the residual sugars left in your mouth. It produces acids that eat away tooth enamel and cause cavities. After a while, plaque film gets harder and more resistant to scraping and brushing and becomes biofilm, or super plaque. One of the first signs of trouble is a condition called gingivitis. It may cause bleeding and swollen gums, but it can be easy to ignore because it isn’t painful.
But the bad news is gingivitis is just the start. Gum pockets form when irritated gums pull away from teeth. They collect decaying food particles and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Unchecked plaque growth in the pockets, on teeth and around the gum line leads to cavities, swollen gums, discolored teeth, bone loss, abscesses and bad breath — very bad breath.
Few week after stopping brushing things become really scary. A group of gum diseases called Periodontitis develops characterize by severe pain and breath like rotten egg. Let me tell you, at this point some people might even try to pull off a tooth or two. Difficulty in eating anything and ice-creams, only if you want to kill yourself with excruciating pain. You will not die but believe me some people have even attempted suicide.
Spooky enough! but there is more. Recent research shows that poor dental health may contribute to a number of very serious conditions you’d never expect, like heart disease, stroke, and possibly even cancer.
At this point I don’t have to say again what would happen if you stop brushing. It is difficult to deal with water with one eye closed but it does saves you from dentist fees and really horrible experience. Uhh I just wish I had teeth made of titanium!


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