Why black and white are not colors?


Confused? We by convention say every damn thing has a color. Sky has blue color; leaves have green, sand color range from pale cream to caramel, looks yummy. But by definition color is the property of an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.horses_black_white
Black is not a color as it does not emit any wavelength of light. It absorbs every color of the spectrum and does not reflect any so that we can see it and say it is some color. This phenomenon can be explained on the basis of blackbody radiation. When objects generate extreme amounts of heat, they produce radiation across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including visible light. For example because our sun is super hot, it is emitting every wavelength from ultraviolet light to infrared to visible. A typical human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 390 to 700 nm so this is called the visible spectrum of light. A black body on the other hand will absorb all the wavelength of light and get heated up itself. This is the reason we prefer wearing light clothes in summer which reflect much light. In a way you can imagine blackbody is just reverse of the sun. However, in reality there is no true blackbody in nature and every black thing reflects a tiny amount of light. This light is much diffused to be called by a name. Hence, thank s to physics we can’t say black is a color
For another weird reason white is also not a color as it is the sum of all possible colors. There is little bit of blue in it, a little green, a tiny amount of endless other colors. If you were to replace white with something equally qualified then you have to take every color together. This is where it becomes problematic. So some people consider white a color because it has every color in it while some do not as it is all color.
So next time when you buy a new white or black shirt and your friends ask about the color, loudly tell them it is “no” color.


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