How to become immortal?


I sometime wish how amazing my life would be if I were a vampire. How wolverine feel knowing that he is not going to die just because some mad dog got him rabies. Not ageing has so many benefits. If I were to not age any day certainly I would want to fail in every exam of my university. Why? Because then I would have chance to flirt with my classmates of many generations. Okay let me face the truth. I am not Vampire, I am not Wolverine, and I certainly do not eat apples of Idun like the Norse gods. Do I still have any chance of becoming immortal? Yes there are!woman_face_smile
You wont believe but there are real life vampires. They are just in non-human form. Turritopsis dohrnii, is a species of small, biologically immortal jellyfish found in the Mediterranean Sea and in the waters of Japan. These little guys just do not die. If they are not eaten by other fish, or got any life-threatening disease, they are going to live forever. So how do we get the immortal quality of this jellyfish into us?And No we are not going Spiderman way. Beside if you mistake a Box jellyfish for a Turritopsis, you will die in really painful way. Those who don’t know, Box Jellyfish are the deadliest creatures on our planet. So we are going for a more scientific way
First thing we need to know that aging is not a universal constant. There are reasons for it to happen. The breakdown in our cells that causes us to get wrinkles is a specific set of defects that science is just now starting to comprehend. There is an enzyme, telomerase, which acts like the little plastic thingy on the end of your shoelaces for your DNA. It keeps the ends of your DNA from unraveling. Unfortunately, every time your cells divide, some of this is lost, meaning you are breaking your body’s ability to regenerate itself every time you grow or heal. This makes your skin to lose its elasticity. This is also the reason behind lowering the strength of your immune system Medical scientists are finding ways to either rejuvenate telomerase or prevent its loss in the first place. If they succeed, that could effectively halt or even reverse the aging process
Another, which is much like going Jellyfish way, is gene therapy. Gene therapy is the process of manipulating the genes to suit our needs. This is real and we are getting better at it every single day. Futurist estimate that within next 10 to 15 years we will be able introduce new genes at will. If you like blue eyes, just wait. It is totally possible that Turritopsis dohrinii genes would be available next time you have a appointment with a doc after 10 years. Little info here though, Turritopsis actually turn into its polyps phase once it get sexually mature. So it turns into baby Jellyfish, which I obviously do not want
If you want to be immortal, how about using nanobots. This may sounds like science fiction but its is far more real than we think. These are tiny robots which targets specific cells as programmed. Nanobots are more advanced, less invasive form of medicine that could someday detect and repair body disease and trauma at a cellular level. In fact Scientists have successfully used nanotech to repair optic nerves in blind hamsters by building a custom synthetic molecule that, when injected, arranges itself into a nanofiber to repair the nerve. It is just matter of time when we need to take a cup of nanobot coffee after dinner to wake up more young every day.
Okay there are too many ways to become immortal in near future. I am just wondering if nobody will die in the near future due to aging, how we are going to feed each one of them. Maybe in future people are going to die due to starving which will be much weirder.


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