FART SCIENCE : How much you know about Flatulence?


You took the elevator up to your office on seventh floor with two other people. The lady beside you is cute and you want to talk to her but the fat man in front with a big briefcase seems like complete a** in a dungeon.The dark energy of silence completely turning the boxed room into a hell hole. Suddenly you hear a low intense sound which made your eyes popped out and ear flattened. Your lady from Olympus took her scented hanky out to cover her beautiful nose and you know what inevitable fate you will be dealing with. You look to the big man who responded with a cheeky smile on his face like an innocent pig in a puddle of roses. You screamed in mind ” you farted Dumb*** “. woman_nose It happens with all of us and everyone lie about it through their teeth. We all have dealt and smelled but how much we know about fart. Here is a list of 15 facts about farts

  1. Fart stands for “Frequency Actuated Rectal Tremor
  2. Intestine gas comes from several sources like the air we swallow, gas seeping from our blood, chemical reaction in the gut, gas produced by bacteria.
  3. The bacteria in your colon act upon the undigested food to release vitamin K and Sulfur by way of fermentation.
  4. Thus food like Cabbage, Broccoli, milk, meat, etc which contain more sulfur causes fart to smell more stinky.
  5. However the constituent of fart which stinks is just 1% of total volume. These are hydrogen sulfide (H2S), methyl mercaptan, MM (also known as methanethiol, MT), dimethyl sulfide (DMS), dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) and dimethyl trisulfide (DMTS)
  6. Typically, fart is 59% nitrogen, 21% Hydrogen, 9% Carbon Dioxide, 7% Methane and 3% oxygen all of which are odorless
  7. Coke and chewing gum increases the frequency of farting as more air is swallowed.
  8. Beans has lots of sugar in them which bacteria loves hence causes fart marathons.
  9. Women fart as much as men do but admit less often
  10. A person on an average farts about 14 times a day
  11. If all the human population continuously fart for a day, there will be enough energy to run all homes for a year
  12. Termites fart more than any animals producing methane gas. They are one of the major source of global warming producing about 100 million to 2 billion kg of greenhouse gases per year.
  13. The sound of farts does not comes from the fart itself but from vibration of rectum
  14. Silent fart is more deadly because is has higher proportion of sulfur component compared to other gases.
  15. There are pills which make fart smell like roses or chocolate or papermint

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