How do we get our aggressiveness under control ?


On that day when he saw the man who killed the baby, his heart stormed with rage, his eyes went red and dilated. It was like a monster is about to explode out of him. His rage made his humanity irrelevant for the moment and once he had the knife only the spilling of the enemy blood could satiates his ferocity.

That was a snip of a movie plot I am making. And it did made me wonder that why do we get aggressive sometime. I mean the angry man could just went to the man who killed the baby laughing so to gain some kind of trust and stab him. Isn’t that more easy. He can then cut the body into many pieces and put them on a freezer

DISCLAIMER : The writer is not a psychopathfurious-2514031_1920

Science has today tried to answer why we do get angry. Researchers have recently found out the exact place in the brain where all the violent activities occurs. It is the ventrolateral region of the ventromedial hypothalamus. Ironically, every name associated with brain are hard to remember. Anyway, this the same spot of the brain that is linked with sleep, hunger and body temperature. How do the researchers know? Well they experimented on bunch of mice. Somehow, we have brains that are very similar to rodent mental complexity I guess. So basically the experiment suggested that we can sleep out our anger. Don’t argue with anyone if you are hungry. And if you see a aggressive person trying to hurt you then cool him down with a shower. You can then lock the bathroom from outside. Go to the overhead tank. Mix some poisonous liquid with the water that will wither away his skin. Make sure that he cannot turn off the shower by connecting the knob with electric outlet. Put some box jelly fish in the tub already where he may try to take shelter. And of course laugh at his screams

Still a movie plot


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