This is where everything goes wrong. We human can’t remember fact. We think we can survive a date by telling that beauty a funny fact but we usually forget. Not anymore!

                                                                    TAN TANNA

Here comes the rescue. With the power of factonium you my friend will always have interesting facts to share. We publish weird fact in a interesting way everyday. Did you see the logo, just like the “pi” our facts will continue to infinity because the half-life to the element factonium is infinity. Bad Joke aside, Stay tuned.


Disclaimer : We give special thanks to pixabay, the primary source of  images on this site. Most of the articles on this site are reference to originally published articles on wikipedia, books,newspapers and the like. We take utmost care to avoid any mistakes. However, we are not AI. So if you find any mistake on this site kindly mail us or comment on the article itself. We will promptly rectify it. Thank you

Some of the images used in this site may belong to the copyright holders and here used only for illustration purpose under fair use policy of United States. The source and the image credit is provided under any such article. However if anyone thinks that their right have been infringed upon, kindly send us a mail. We will remove it. Thank you


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