why should you pray to get hit by space debris


We human being as a species are a bunch of cry babies. Always complaining to god on our own unfortunate misdemeanors. Have you seen any animals whining on their sorry state. Have you seen a giraffe complaining to god about their absurdly long neck that they cannot eat the wholesome grass or the penguins which can only waddle sideways. Ask a platypus what the heck it is. We complain, we feel we are unlucky.. Ask a dinosaur what unlucky is. Oh wait, you cant ask them, they are all dead. Those guys would be making us clean their ass if it weren’t for the asteroid that wiped out a complete species. And think about this-chances of an asteroid that big hitting the earth is 1 in 300000. But some people are definitely unlucky. They are unlucky enough to get hit, not by a asteroid but by space debris. Debris from satellite, spaces launches and international space station enters the atmosphere every few months, but only one person is known to have been hit by any of it. Lottie Williams, an American women was hit by a falling piece of US Delta II rocket in 1997. The chances of being hit by space debris is considered to be less than one in a trillion as most debris burns up in upper atmosphere. Shit, she was epitome of unluckiness. However, this was a way too isolate case. Most space debris crashing stories are non-news making and some are actually hilarious. In 1979, Americas 77 tonnes skylab crashed through the atmosphere spreading pieces of wreckage in Australian city of Perth which eventually fined the US $400 for littering. Actually we are more likely to get hit by objects on earth than above earth. In 2003 Columbia space shuttle broke into more than 80000 pieces while re-entry killing all crew members but no one on the ground was injured. You have to have a completely shitty kismet to get hit by a space debris and even then you will not be considered unfortunate. You will be so unlucky that you’d become super famous. Stories will be written on you, articles will be published, in fact you’d become rich. So my advice is to stop complaining to god about you being unlucky. Instead pray to god “ Please kick my ass and make me famous” Amen.

why do we hate poo


Please, admit this. We are gross. We like to turn everything beautiful into totally shitty, like literally. We can have a really nice dinner in a top restaurant of the town but next day we will pull out that dinner from our bottom in a stinky small room. Even you eat a $200 Turkish delight, you would turn that into some yucky colored mass next morning. And we hate that. We hate the poo. That is obvious I guess. And not only us, many other species share our concern. Disgust is one of the eight rasas of the Indian dance system called Natyashastra and is also a basic emotion according to Charles Darwin. This emotion recognized by wrinkling of the nose with a standard frown is universal across cultures. Disgust also lowers our blood pressure, reduce skin conductance and cause nausea. However doctors should prescribe med and not shit.kot-3113828_1920

We are not the only species that try to stay away from exposure to excrement and there is a good reason for that. Our disgust response reduces the likelihood of ingesting diseases causing micro organism. Such organism can come many stuffs like decayed meat, vomit blood and of course poo. Disgust may reflect an intuitive understanding of microbiology. Even animals like cows, horses , reindeer like to stay away from poo. It is found that they cannot differentiate between parasitic and non-parasitic faces. So to avoid any disease they have “avoid all poo” rule

On the other hand some animals like the white footed wild mice would explicitly seek faeces. They like to play it dirty. The reason could be that the presence of faeces from other mice at the potential nesting location or near food suggests safety from predators. Infection from contaminated food is of lesser concern. Which is consistent to the fact that domesticated rodents which are generally at a much lowers risk from predators than their wild counterpart ,do avoid faeces like us

Perhaps, we human can afford to be disgusted by poo because we have no natural predators. We are indeed pretty lucky to have the luxury of not selecting which way we would like to die. Evolution have made us stay away from any kind of contamination which could kill us. So next time you get disgusted by public toilets think about the evolutionary science behind it and wash your hands for the sake of humanity.

How do we get our aggressiveness under control ?


On that day when he saw the man who killed the baby, his heart stormed with rage, his eyes went red and dilated. It was like a monster is about to explode out of him. His rage made his humanity irrelevant for the moment and once he had the knife only the spilling of the enemy blood could satiates his ferocity.

That was a snip of a movie plot I am making. And it did made me wonder that why do we get aggressive sometime. I mean the angry man could just went to the man who killed the baby laughing so to gain some kind of trust and stab him. Isn’t that more easy. He can then cut the body into many pieces and put them on a freezer

DISCLAIMER : The writer is not a psychopathfurious-2514031_1920

Science has today tried to answer why we do get angry. Researchers have recently found out the exact place in the brain where all the violent activities occurs. It is the ventrolateral region of the ventromedial hypothalamus. Ironically, every name associated with brain are hard to remember. Anyway, this the same spot of the brain that is linked with sleep, hunger and body temperature. How do the researchers know? Well they experimented on bunch of mice. Somehow, we have brains that are very similar to rodent mental complexity I guess. So basically the experiment suggested that we can sleep out our anger. Don’t argue with anyone if you are hungry. And if you see a aggressive person trying to hurt you then cool him down with a shower. You can then lock the bathroom from outside. Go to the overhead tank. Mix some poisonous liquid with the water that will wither away his skin. Make sure that he cannot turn off the shower by connecting the knob with electric outlet. Put some box jelly fish in the tub already where he may try to take shelter. And of course laugh at his screams

Still a movie plot