Why do we dream ??

why and how

Studies have found that nearly all mammals dream. Don’t get me wrong but that chimp that you denied the banana could be dreaming nightmares for you. Brain electroencephalography shows that we basically dream during rapid eye movement (REM) mode and during deep sleep. Deep sleep is where night terror happens, you know chimp chasing you with an Axe. But dreaming need integration of sensory information to form a story like dream which happens in REM mode. Those dream which we remember basically. This integration happens in parietal lobe and people who suffered from some damage in parietal lobe ,don’t dream. One hypothesis is while we sleep parietal lobe continue generate signals and our fore brain tries to make a story out of it. But of course without out consciousness we are unable to make a really convincing story. Other hypothesis suggested that dreams occurs when short term memory are converted into long term memory,and when unwanted connections are removed from the memory. Perhaps the more widely accepted theory is that dreams are required for our survival. As mortals we have just that much time with us to learn a new skills and prepare a strategy.  We mostly dream about threats or stressful situations. This may be so we can safely rehearse strategies for dealing with them. But the best strategies to save yourself from the terrorizing chimpanzee is that to not make fun of chimpanzee in a zoo